Career Development Services

UBS focuses on making the students corporate ready while they continue with their academic goals.Our inhouse SAVI model starts with self-assessment of each student on competencies, goals, value propositions and individual SWOT.The internally faculty and industry professionals evaluate each student through a validation process to identify the gaps and prepare a student road map so that we can build on the strength of the students through regular industry interventions.

Mentoring & Counselling

Each student has a mentor on campus who they meet every week on Tuesdays. The Mentor acts as the “Local guardian” and coaches the students on academic performance, personal issues, behavioral issues, personal grooming, current affairs, mock interviews, and career building.

Finance and Welfare Advisory

Our Finance & Welfare Advisory team aims supporting the students to avail education loans from banks, advice them on eligibility criteria, documentation and merit based scholarships.

Placement Services

Our massive placement team has its presence PAN India multiple placement and internship opportunities to our students with 210+ companies on campus. The team facilities the interview & selection process and works closely with students for building their networth.

Health and Medical Facilities

Minor injuries and ailments are taken care by our in-house physician who available round the clock for the students. In case of serious medical emergencies, a multi-speciality hospital Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is 20 minutes away from the campus and the admin manager personally aids the students.

Multi-faith Community

Being a truly Universal B-School, UBS is one big multi-faith family where all the cultural events and festivals across all religions are celebrated with great enthusiasm and love.

Disability Services

Keeping the motto of being an inclusive b-school, the campus has been designed to be disabled friendly and facilities are provided to the differently abled students.

Transport Facilities

Daily transportation services are provided to & from UBS campus to karjat station and market. Campus car and driver services are also available for the students on 12 hour hire basis. For local communication, another option is auto rickshaws which are available from right outside the campus.

Grievance Help

Dr.Vidya Hattangadi