• 20 Security personnel 24×7 round the clock across campus
  • There are two Special Security Officer posted below the Girls Hostel
  • The entire Campus is under CCTV surveillance and a Special Camera is installed right above the Women’s Hostel
  • 4-8 Girls stay together in an Apartment block,which is locked from inside ,so no one can enter.
  • The Campus has extremely strict rules that restrict boys from entering the Girls hostel at any point of time (24×7)
  • Only women clean and do the housekeeping of the Student Accommodation

The Chairman Prof. Anand (JBIMS) stays on Campus with his wife
and is accessible 24×7 – 5 Minutes ‘ walk from the Student Accommodation.

If any girl student leaves Campus to go to Mumbai,then the Head of Admin is in constant touch with her after 6:00 pm.A special car is dispatched to pick the students from the station