The programme aims to provide a high quality and professionally relevant undergraduate programme, developing in students a critical appreciation of the role managers undertake in the modern business world. Graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for a multi-disciplinary approach to diverse business, information communication technology and management problems. On completion of a degree covered by the subject benchmark statement, a student should have the following subject specific knowledge and understanding, cognitive skills, practical and professional and transferable skills:

This is done by following the UK Quality Assurance Agency guidelines in giving students a ‘strong practical and professional orientation’ differentiating it from other Indian BBA and MBA programs.




We at UBS follow the International Education system where the Professor is your Guide by the Side – You can question the Professor. He guides you and facilitates your learning process. Students are in the driving seat, rather than college and become the key focal point of learning. The traditional Indian concept of Sage on stage, whereby you cannot question the Professor is history.
Boasting some of the oldest education institutions in the world, from Eton to Oxford, to Cambridge, the UK remains a key destination for students looking for the best global education on offer. The British system has a significant impact on the education systems across the world, adding exponential value to a student’s future.
The global BBA+MBA Degree and global curriculum is recognized all over the world and certified by British Council that the value of the BBA and MBA Degree at UBS Mumbai is equivalent to the Degree you receive from any leading British University. All UBS Faculty are approved by Cardiff Met. University ensuring global standards. This ensures the value of the Degree.
Students get an opportunity to do a Global Management workshops, International Summer School and Learning Fortnight in the UK for 2 weeks each, which ensures they can work with students from across the world and hone their cross cultural skills and become more adaptable. Students can also go for their Graduation ceremony to Cardiff and create lasting memories.
Students get an opportunity to work for a Private Limited company while pursuing their MBA. They develop leadership and astute decision making skills and manage revenue bearing divisions and projects and impact the P&L of the company. They get promoted to VP, CFO, CMO, COO and CEO positions and are guided by a Global CEO. During the program you will meet and interact with 100 CEOs and Industry Leaders.


At Universal Business School, we follow the Experiential Learning Waterfall which optimises the learning process towards 80% practical learning. Each course is embedded with live decision making, leading and executing live revenue generating businesses, simulations and experiments, case blazer (50 hours non-stop dynamic case study competitions), global immersion programs at Cardiff as well as its partners in Europe, live projects in companies, student boardrooms, Industry CEO workshops, student mentoring by Industry, research projects, economic review sessions, Thinkathons, Quizzes, Conferences and Symposiums, Shadow techniques and global and Indian Internships.

These methods ensure student’s ability to grasp complex concepts, put them in practice, develop learning agility and ensure the business fundamentals are engrained in them.



  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Health Sector Management
  • General Management


Students become future ready in the VUCA world and are able to:

  • Develop confidence to face any challenges
  • Become adaptable and agile
  • Use the right analytical tools
  • Learn about business operations at different scales – from multinational companies to small and medium enterprises.
  • Explore new approaches to critical thinking and independent analysis.
  • Facilitate quick decision making
  • Ask the right questions in a live environment
  • Come up with innovative solutions to business problems
  • Develop a personal value proposition which will directly impact and add value to future employers


Students have two Internships built into the curriculum to ensure they have hands on corporate experience that they can leverage towards final placement. The 1st internship is for 4 to 6 weeks after Semester 1. The 2nd Internship is after 12 months for a period of 3 months. 100% of our students convert their 2nd Internship into a full time job offer.
Under the guidance of our 60 CEOs, we have developed the SAVI Model, whereby we understand student background, skills, competencies and aspirations, through a Self-Assessment evaluation. We then validate the same with internal and Industry mentors and then suggest Interventions towards developing future competencies relevant to Job roles.
This is a practice where students are solving real business problems in a live corporate environment. Students are immersed into the company culture and learn to develop skills which directly impact the business as well us understanding how to operate in the culture. They are engaging with the market place and this gives them a real insight into business and the possible solutions and makes them job ready.
To ensure our students effectively bag their dream companies, we ensure that students get multiple industry knowledge sessions, mentoring, mock interviews, negotiation skills, aptitude tests, psychometric tests, business writing skills, domain knowledge quizzes and grooming sessions by Industry leaders.


STEP 1: Application Process: Fill the Online Application Form @ http://www.ubs.org.in/applynow/
Application Fees: Application Form will be processed on receiving Rs.2000/- (USD 30)
STEP 2: Attach Required Documents (See list below) or email them to admissions@ubs.org,in
Any document not available can be emailer later.
STEP 4: One round of interview
STEP 5: Selected Candidates will get a Provisional Offer Letter (Unconditional or Conditional)
NOTE: For any queries email admissions@ubs.org.in

  • Academic Mark Sheets (10th,12th)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) – Download Sample PDF
  • Two Letter of Reference (LOR) (School/College/Employer) – Download Sample PDF (1) (2)

 BBA Applicants from IB Schools 

Recognition & Acceptance of IB Diploma for BBA and BBA + MBA Integrated Course from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK by Universal Business School, Mumbai.

Universal Business School, Mumbai (UBS) values the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and its engaging and challenging curriculum, which encourages critical thinking, intercultural understanding and respect. We welcome applications from IB students.

Admission to UBS is competitive, is based on performance across multiple criteria including accepting the IB Diploma Programme results. IB candidates should have, or expect to achieve, a total score of 30 or better and proficiency in English communication to apply for the 3 year Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Management as well as the Integrated BBA + MBA program from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

IB students applying to UBS will be accepted on the basis of their predicted grades. The schools or students will submit their predicted grades and transcripts with past performance. The procedure is the same for Indian students, foreign students or NRI/PIO candidates.

Academic 50%
Personal interview 25%
Total 100%
Course Duration Tuition Fees Student Accommodation Fees
Food Expenses (4 Meals / Day)
Dual Sharing
Starting Qualification Awarded
Global BBA + MBA Degree from Cardiff Met, UK + AICTE Approved PGDM 4 Years Rs. 5.28 Lacs / year Rs. 1,78,000 per year (Inclusive GST)
(Includes: Electricity, Water, WiFi,
Housekeeping, Soft Furnishing,
Laundry, Gym, & Sports Facilities)
15th July Global BBA
+ MBA Degree from Cardiff Met, UK
+ AICTE Approved PGDM

Boarding & Lodging
Option 1
(Single Sharing) : Rs. 2,34,000 per year (Inclusive GST)
Option 2
(Dual Sharing) : Rs. 1,78,000 per year (Inclusive GST)
Additional Hostel Facilities
1) Non Ac Rooms Dual Sharing Rs 138000/-
2) DOM Sharing Rs 118000/-
3) Ac Rooms Dual Sharing Rs 178000/-
4) Ac Rooms Single Sharing Rs 234000/-
A/C Rooms with Single and Dual sharing options, which includes ensuite washroom,
common Living & Dining Room with Kitchenette, students accommodation,
House keeping, Soft Furnishing,WiFi,Gym and extensive Sports Facilities.
Laundry Facility by LaundraMINT June 01, 2019 Rs.5,000/-
Students are provided a Laundry facility on campus provided by a LaundroMINT
(Modern well equipped with state of the art machines providing quick, hygienic and
professional laundry service with global standards) which will entitle them
to 20 loads / year (Each load of 5 kg.) for a cost of Rs.5,000/- p.a.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Veg, Non veg and Jain Food)
Note: Jain Food cooked in separate kitchens.
Security Deposit (Refundable) Rs. 25,000/-
CSR Fund Deposit (Non Refundable) Rs. 5000/-

Security Deposit

Each Student needs to pay a refundable Security Deposit of Rs. 30,000. This amount will be adjusted against any damage to UBS property or any outstanding dues towards any Fees or any Expenses outstanding. It can also be used for any penalty or fines which the student is levied during his stay at the Campus. Students will be refunded the balance amount at the completion of the course when they are checking out of the Campus after adjusting for any dues accruing to the Institute.

The refundable amount will be 25,000 and rest 5000 is for CSR fund.

 Refund Policy : 

1. Application Fee – INR 2000/ – Non refundable / Non transferable

2. First Installment Fee – INR 1,00,000/- Non refundable / Non transferable

3. Tuition Fee

  • If a student cancels BEFORE the commencement of the degree program the fee paid towards tuition (installments) will be refunded. However NO REFUND is applicable for the First Installment fee.
  • The first installment fee can be transferred to one subsequent intake only, if student officially fills-up Postponement form with applicable fee however, new fee structure will apply.
  • If the student transfers his registration to the next intake and decides to cancel his registration thereafter, in such cases no refund will be applicable on the first installment fees.
  • If a student cancels AFTER the commencement of the program, any advanced installment paid will be non-refundable.

4. Scholarship/Fee Waiver/Recommendation

  • If the student wishes to cancel the program in between, fees accrued till the date of cancellation excluding scholarship/fee waiver/recommendation granted must be paid before release of any academic & non-academic documents
  • If a student is found to violate the UBS Code of Conduct, there will be no refund of any amount under any circumstance.
  • The above refund policy is applicable irrespective of the cause for refund and includes medical emergencies and all other causes.

5. Student Housing Policy

  • It is mandatory for students to opt for Universal Business School Accommodation on Campus. The student housing fees do not include meal costs.
  • Fees cannot be paid per semester and needs to be paid as per the Offer Letter. Any delay in payment may result in Rs.100/- penalty per week.
  • Student Housing fees once paid would not be refunded under ANY circumstance.
  • Accommodation would be made available 2 days before the start of orientation.
  • If a student requires student housing during the Final Term / Internship Period / summer break, he/she would have to inform the institute in advance.


Important Notes:

  1. If you are given a Conditional Offer / Provisional Admission and you are unable to meet the Criteria after joining the program, then your admission will be terminated and there will be no Refund of the Tuition Fee
  2. If you are given a Conditional Offer / Provisional Admission and you are unable to meet the Criteria before joining the program, then you will be eligible for 50% of the amount paid to Universal Business School.
  3. If you commence the program and for whatever reason you decide to leave the campus, then your admission will be terminated and there will be no Refund on the Tuition Fees

Unable to Meet the Criteria (Conditions not Met)

  1. Non completion of Academic requirements or meeting minimum %age / grade points required by International University
  2. Failure in a particular subject
  3. Inability to clear the minimum criteria of IELTS / GETS as specified by the International University


Universal Business School (UBS) has to duly follow all Rules and Regulations of AICTE, Government of India. Any changes by AICTE in programs, structure, policies etc. will be duly implemented by UBS, and the student cannot hold us responsible for any changes.


India’s 1st Green B-school, endorsed by 60 CEO’s with opportunities for student exchange, summer camp and foreign internships. I am part of a unique company, Experiential Learning Corp. (ELC), run by students themselves which gives me corporate experience on campus. The faculty is amazing and very friendly with lots of experience in the corporate world. Studying in the lapse of nature is something that makes it all the more exciting. It’s been less than a month and I have seen myself start to transform.


Pursuing BBA+MBA
I love the new ideas, concepts & the students. It’s great.


CFO-Master, Ebner Stolz
Universal Business School is one of the best B Schools in India. I am studying in the BBA 1st year and the global exposure which you get in this college, you don’t get it in any other B-School. The atmosphere here is very peaceful and the infrastructure is world class.


Pursuing BBA+MBA
Universal business school is one of the upcoming B-schools and has an amazing infrastructure. Its very promising and the faculty is really good.

Dishi Chothani

Pursuing BBA+MBA